Crown and bridgework

A crown is an artificial tooth that is placed over your own tooth or molar. A crown can be made out of several materials. Because a crown is custom made, it looks natural and fits nicely with the rest of your teeth.

If a tooth or molar has been filled often, or if there is not enough support to refill a broken-off molar, then a crown can be made for it. A crown then ensures that your tooth or molar is preserved. You can also have a crown made if you want to make your teeth look more beautiful if, for example, you are bothered by discolouration or deformation of a tooth.

To protect the filed-off tooth or molar, a (temporary) emergency crown is placed. Once the final crown is ready, the crown is fitted and examined. Then the dentist secures the crown.

A crown can be made out of several materials. Which material is most suitable will depend on the position in the teeth where the crown will be positioned, and on your wishes.