Free gum check-up

“Did you know that people with good oral hygiene live an average of 7 years longer?”

Many people suffer from bleeding gums, sensitive teeth or bad breath.
If you would like to receive some no-obligation advice, why not make an appointment for a gum check-up right now. This appointment will be completely free of charge. The dental hygienist will assess your mouth and look at how you can remedy your complaints by means of a treatment.

Do you know how important it is to have healthy gums?
Gums protect, support and keep the mouth healthy.
An important function of gums is to keep the teeth in the right place.
Another function of gums is to protect the transition between the tooth or molar and the jawbone. This prevents food and bacteria from reaching the tooth root and prevents inflammation.
When your gums are unhealthy, you can develop gum disease. You will notice this, for example, if you have bleeding gums, bad breath or sensitive teeth.
Healthy gums therefore means a firm set of teeth and preserving your teeth.


Making a free gum check-up is entirely without obligation. You can enter your details below. You can also indicate your preference on which day you want to make an appointment. After we have processed your details, you will receive a message from us to make an appointment.


    The gum check is free and without obligation. You must change or cancel the appointment at least 24 hours in advance.

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